Why Rent a Safe Deposit Box? •Slow down in economy with a proportionate increase in crime rate ◦Influx of illegal immigrants ◦Corresponding increase in crime rate i.e House Break ins •Jewelry, documents, family heirlooms & other irreplaceable items are too valuable to store at home •A safe deposit box is resistant to theft, fire and water ingress •The contents of a safe deposit box are insured* •Central location for storage of a will & important personal docs in the event of the determination of an estate •The enjoyment of peace of mind especially when you are away or "Balik Kampong"
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Why Royal Safe Deposit Boxes? .
Reasons: •Congestion - Will become too congested, resulting in too long a waiting time for customers to enter into SDB to have access to their boxes, especially during holidays and festive seasons. •Convenience - Customers able to transfer to a new, more convenient branch without charge
Security Features
•24 hours Armed Security Guards.
•Biometrics Access – Finger Print upon main access and before entrance to vault.
•Photograph Identification.
•Signature Verification.
•Sound and Light Detectors.
•Motion Detectors.
•Wall Guards.
•Embedded Alarm System.
•Spot Lights front and rear.
•External Siren c/w Strobe Light.
•Internal Siren.
•Vibration Sensor.
•DVR – Up to 1 year of recording History
•Panic Buttons, CMS & 24 Hours World Wide Remote Viewing via Lap Top & Hand Phone
Box Sizes and Rental Rates Inclusive of Insurance Up to RM100,000.00 Per Box* Types Sizes in Inches Annual Rental Rates ...
Royal 1 5" x 5" x 23" RM290.00 ..
Royal 1A 5" x 3" x 15" RM265.00 ...
Royal 2 3" x 10" x 23" RM350.00 ...
Royal 3 5" x 10" x 23" RM430.00 ...
Royal 4 10" x 10" x 23" RM490.00 ..
Service Charges Refundable Key Deposit RM250.00 Stamp Duty RM20.00 * Safe Deposit Boxes Insured by Kurnia Insurance Berhad and ACE Synergy Insurance Berhad Optional insurance of up to RM300,000 is available upon request .

•Safety of clients - walking back too far a distance from the Safe Deposit Box Centre to their cars parked in the car park
•Danger of being mugged in the lift, staircase or while walking back to the car or even in the Car park
•Impossible to reinforce the floor and ceiling of the vault/strong room.
If reinforced without proper piling/foundation,(which is not possible in existing complexes) danger of collapsing due to excessive weight •No control over occupants and happenings on top & bottom floor
•A SDB in a shopping complex’s opening hours are dictated by the opening and closing hours of the complex.;

Morgan delivery services supplies the means to work together in a network in a seamless manner. Our delivery network monitors the status of any waybill at every stage, from dispatch to its ultimate delivery, i.e. door-to-door, and therefore providing real time data fundamental to its customers' daily business operations. Our system is made up of a suite of programs including a Windows based system installed at each station.

The Morgan system includes full operational and backend accounting functionalities to provide a complete solution to  our business and great confident on our customer. Also, our system has been centrally developed to allow unlimited expansion in all areas in all fields to ensure customers of this courier network constantly receive information in the most modern methods.


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